16/03/2023 - 04/06/2023

Late C20th - Archive

Shifting the Centre: Grenada as Reference

Thu-Sat: 10-6pm; Sat: 12-5pm

The first iteration of International Curators Forum Shifting the Centre project, an exhibition entitled Grenada as Reference. The exhibition will display archival materials relating to the Grenadian Revolution (1979-1983) and is curated by ICF curator Orsod Malik.

SHIFTING THE CENTRE is an archival activation project dedicated to excavating the radical observations, emancipatory dreams, and revolutionary practices of anticolonial thinkers to develop counter approaches that can be applied to artistic, teaching, and organisational work.

GRENADA AS REFERENCE is an invitation to think about world history from the vantage point of a small island nation, which was home to the first revolutionary government in the English-speaking Caribbean between 1979-1983. It is through the archival materials on display that we can witness how people have/can engage with politics and relate to the world.


Brixton 1 Windrush Sq. Brixton, SW2 1EF