22/09/2021 - 20/02/2022


Shubha Bubbar - Crescent

Shubha Taparia‘s latest project ‘Crescent’ is a dramatic extension of her on-going exploration of the themes of change, transition and impermanence, specifically using the urban environment as metaphor for the human body and spirit

Also on show is Taparia’s acclaimed photographic series, Spirit in the Inanimate, which explores the details and elements from the artist’s former installation: Silhouette of an Unknown Landscape (2018).

Shubha Taparia’s work is a state of mind. One that reflects the ever changing nature of all things, and it does so with the awareness that there is always a permanence in the intrinsic transience of matter. With the exuberance of a gifted child, the artist gathers inorganic and apparently forgotten objects from industrial landscapes and presents us with their utterly poetic significance and beauty.

Nicoletta Lambertucci. Curator, The Box, Plymouth

Cricklewood Unit 7, Atlas Business Centre, Oxgate Lane, NW2 7HJ