6 - 9pm, Thursday 27th May


Siena Barnes & Amelia Dodds - Bodily Offering

The collaborative exhibition ‘bodily offerings’ features artists Siena Barnes and dancer Amelia Dodds, exploring the living and writhing female body.

Siena Barnes grew up in Bermondsey, south London. Siena shows a collection of mixed media works from her recent collection The Night Star.

The Night Star, presents a series of talismans dedicated to the ancient Babylonian journey, a downward-spiraling voyage into the Great Below known as ‘The descent of Inanna’, the first recorded description of katabasis.

Joined by Amelia Dodds a Yorkshire-born dancer inspired by the choreography of Bob Fosse, his nuances and allusion to promiscuity, compared to the more explicit movements in Commercial dance, today. Amelia uses numerous photos to capture a single movement or change in the body.


Bethnal Green James Campbell House, Old Ford Road, E2 9QE