10/05/2022 - 21/05/2022

New Work - Sculpture

Simon Kidd - Erratics

Why did you choose to call the exhibition Erratics?

The namesake of this exhibition are glacial erratics, which are rocks that have been carried across the landscape by glaciers and then deposited someplace after the glacier has melted. Glacial erratics are found in various places across the world, Ireland being one of them. They are scattered across our island, and often have a connection to Irish mythology and folklore — from being stones that were thrown by giants of the past, to Ail na Míreann in County Westmeath, which is said to be a meeting place between the Earth and the Otherworld.

The works are press moulded, rather than slip cast. Why the change of technique and have you also brought in new materials?

This change came after my move to Dublin. I wanted to move away from slip casting for a few reasons. I wanted to start digging further into making fully enclosed forms, which is a little bit more complicated with casting. Press moulding also gives me more scope for introducing more materials into the clay body – such as the granite I’ve used in the pieces in this exhibition – and to be more free with the clays I use, which are both things I’m looking forward to spending more time experimenting with in the future.

What are the ideas that you are trying to resolve in this body of work?

These pieces are the next step after my last show with you, in 2021. I spent time reviewing that body of work, to figure out which qualities of the work I wanted to lean further into going forward.

What else should we know, to better understand this work ?

My focus has changed slightly – connection to location is still a key element in my practice, but it is now looser. My interest has shifted to the totality of a place, including the stories and identity that come with it. This mirrors my own current experiences, having moved back to Ireland, or more specifically to the Republic of Ireland, somewhere that I both know and in which I’m still trying to find my own place.


Mayfair 15 Royal Arcade, W1S 4SP