28/06/2023 - 24/09/2023

Contemporary - Painting & Sculpture

Simone Brewster - The Shape of Things

Tue-Fri: 10-7pm; Sat: 10-5pm; Sun: 11-4pm

The Shape of Things is an exploration of the power of objects to communicate societal expectations of beauty, representation, and the talismanic qualities of objects that we use to empower ourselves.

The exhibition explores the concept of “intimate architecture” – the affect that texture and three dimensional form have on memory and emotion. The Shape of Things is an emotive display of objects that gain significant personal meaning from the tension and interaction between itself and its audience.

The exhibition presents a diverse range of works from furniture to painting, jewellery and sculpture that investigate the hidden linguistics behind design that are inherently entwined with societal norms and ideas of race, gender, equality and more.


Greenwich Peninsula The Gateway Pavilions, Peninsula Square, SE10 0SQ