19/01/2023 - 05/02/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Six Artist Group Show curated by Sophie Agocs & Olivia Grace Middelboe - Winter Garden

Daily: 12-5pm

Join Byzantia Harlow, Hannah Lim, Karolina Dworska, Katia Kesic, Gregory Herbert, and Sophia Belkin with curators Olivia Middelboe and Sophie Agocs for this group exhibition filled with plant life, mystery, and imagination.

"‘Winter Garden’ is an exhibition which takes the form of a greenhouse gone wrong. Here we can consider the space of the greenhouse, in particular its 19th century ideas/traditions, as a lens to consider sustainability and the climate crisis.

A Victorian greenhouse of the future allows us to imagine what this former feat of human intelligence might look like in the landscape of climate change and whether or not it might even be possible or necessary. The artworks in this exhibition engage with biology and botany and transport us to other worlds and futures.

Who knows what freaks of nature may flourish in an out-of-control environment of bizarre cross-pollination and alien life. Who knows what ideas we may draw from an image of a future not so distant, and not so unfamiliar."


Deptford 6 Creekside, Deptford SE8 4SA