18/03/2023 - 12/05/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Sixteen Artist Group Show curated by Stéphanie Ruth - In The Pink

‘In the Pink’ explores the arc of representation of the colour pink from the virginal to the hyper-sexualised— all that is in between and beyond. Curated by Stéphanie Ruth.

Parlour (London) is thrilled to present paintings, drawings, photography, jewellery, sculpture and functional objects by sixteen contemporary artists and designers living across the UK, France and Germany.

"Pink is replete with metaphor, its spectrum of hues carry vast and divisive meaning. Equally revered and abhorred, the colour straddles dichotomous qualities: artificial and natural, pure and vulgar, fragile and punchy, soft and hard. Since the mid-twentieth century, pink has been frequently employed in the West to symbolise ‘femininity’. Yet, even within the allocation of the colour to a gendered embodiment, there are further double meanings, each shade possessing its own cultural connotations, from the ‘virgin’ to the ‘whore’. Pink is a charged colour. The artworks and objects in this exhibition play on the complexity of the colour to collapse binaries and reclaim agency of its story."

Artists: Alina Abegg, Hawazin Alotaibi, Charlotte Colbert, Darcey Fleming, Susie Green, Sarah Illenberger, Alexander James, Sandra Lane, Hannah Lim, Roy Mordechay, Mitchell Moreno, Candida Powell-Williams, Alicia Radage, Anna Skladmann, Harley Weir & Zoe Williams

Kentish Town Private Residence, London NW5