25/05/2023 - 03/06/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

SixtySixLdn present Nine Artist Group Show - The Orange River

The Orange River presents a critical dialogue among international artists on physical, mental and linguistic cartography, that goes far beyond geopolitical context, as spatial mapping, though documenting our environment, leaves out crucial aspects of culture and mentality, social and spiritual habits, a lieu de mémoire and the presence of the past.

The exhibition aims to challenge our understanding of the world’s far-off borders and geographical coordinates that have been entrenched in colonialism. Its title is inspired by the longest river in South Africa, which starts in the Kingdom of Lesotho and borders Namibia. In the current context, the river serves as an encompassing and mystical symbol, raising questions of terrain, separation and freedom.

Through the work of international contemporary artists presenting their versions of metaphysical maps, The Orange River highlights the migration of peoples past and present and the socio- cultural traffic between several civilisations.


Pimlico 66 St.George's Square, London SW1V 3QT