7:30 - 10pm, Thursday 4th May

Screening Showcase

small encounters

"small encounters" presents 10 experimental films all presented on 16mm. By utilizing the materiality of celluloid film, each artist pushes to rupture the mundane to reveal the potential for the mystical within daily life. Whether shot in urban, institutional, or domestic environments, each film maneuvers around the rigidness of these spaces to explore a more poetic encounter with place.

With works spanning from 1980 through 2023 the programme charts a canon of analog filmmaking which centres tactility and lyricism in the study of the everyday.

Fall (AKA Wall Street) - Jim Jennings, 1980, 6 min.
Close Quarters - Jim Jennings, 2005, 9 min.
Libation - Kobby Adi, 2022, 1 min.
Kennington Study - Matt Feldman, 2023, 4 min
Rehearsal - Nina Porter, 2023, 4 min
Music for Skeletons - Kobby Adi, 2023, 4 min
Intimate Archives - Rambisayi Marufu, 2022, 5 min
Gestures of Intimacy, Shirine Shah, 2023, 4 min
Minor Matter - Nina Porter, 2022, 3 min
Beijing 1988 - Rose Lowder, 1988 - 2011, 12 min

Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB