07/08/2022 - 04/09/2022

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Small Is Beautiful: Miniature Art Exhibition

Wed-Thu: 10-7pm (Late Opening); Fri-Sun: 10-6pm

"'Small is beautiful, Miniature Art' is the most important European exhibition to compile the work of 34 local & international miniature artists and present 143 miniature artworks to the general public. After the undisputed success of the #MiniatureArt phenomenon on social networks, the exhibition offers exclusive access to the magical and sometimes unusual worlds of some of the greatest artists in the movement.

'Small is beautiful, Miniature Art' is an incredible journey and a unique experience that offers behind-the-scenes access to small-scale universes full of artistry and poetry, whose only limit is the creative vision of their authors."


South Kensington 79-85 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3LD