1 - 8pm, Saturday 23rd Sep


SOMESUCH present - SWEAT by Duncan Loudon

Screenings x3 per hours - 00:00; 00:20 & 00:40

The journey of one young body across London.
Told across three separate parts.
Set in 2026.

Set in a near future London the film begins following a cycle courier as he attempts the delivery of a takeaway food order, the restaurant he is delivering from is using parcels of food to disguise the distribution of drugs and money across the capital - A rival to this restaurant’s affiliated gang attempt to intercept the courier on his journey hoping to take money+drugs from him - Accidentally the courier is killed in the process of this failed robbery, we learn as the thief flees empty-handed that our courier’s order did not actually contain the packs of drugs and money seen earlier.


Shoreditch 82a Commercial Street, Public Toilet, E1 6LY