07/09/2021 - 25/09/2021

New Work - Digital

Sommergäste: Rewind Collective

BASTIAN have announced Sommergäste: Rewind Collective, a single work exhibition which presents a unique digital work and accompanying NFT by anonymous digital feminist art group Rewind Collective. Honouring overlooked women and minorities throughout the centuries who have blazed a trail for others to follow, Rewind Collective shine a light on the forgotten revolutionaries who defied society’s expectations and gender norms and made an indelible impact on the course of history.

As part of the unveiling of this exclusive NFT, BASTIAN will be hosting a small press breakfast at the gallery on Tuesday 7th September at 9am – might you be interested in attending?

Part of BASTIAN’s standout summer series which shines a spotlight on a single artist or medium, Rewind Collective’s artwork pays homage to overlooked women and minorities throughout history; celebrating their accumulated achievements and highlighting the ongoing fight for equality.


Mayfair 8 Davies St, W1K 3DW