21/09/2023 - 15/10/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Suhaylah H - The Spell, The Plot, & The Ether

Tue-Sun: 11-7pm

The ‘dreamscapes’ imagined in The Spell, The Plot, & The Ether arose from the Suhaylah’s experiences of landscapes across East Anglia; from the fenlands, coasts and peaks of Eastern England to the historical city of Ely where she now resides.

Suhaylah’s dreamscapes include both ‘natural’ features such as geological rifts, flowing fountains and twisting tree limbs, and ‘supernatural’ features like rocky outcroppings, shimmering lights and ghostly apparitions, all of which are summoned through vivid colour palettes; with ancient East Asian painting, Islamic art and Western Impressionist, Romantic and Symbolist art influences apparent throughout.

In both of the rooms in the exhibition Suhaylah’s drawings and paintings of dreamscapes surround a monolithic naturalistic installation at the centre of each room.


Soho 13 Soho Square, Soho W1D 3QF