7:30 - 10pm, Sunday 1st Mar


Supreme: a Lecture by Jamie Clifton (Vice Editor)

Why Are So Many People So Obsessed with Supreme?

Since opening its first store in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood back in April 1994, Supreme's transformation from small independent skate store to a global-conquering lifestyle brand. The company is now valued at $1 billion, it's incredible to think there are only a handful of Supreme brick and mortar stores worldwide.

Supreme is a brand that seems to have transcended all others, if you measure transcendence by the number of teenage boys willing to queue up for hours in the pouring rain, in mid-October, to buy a £130 hoodie. But where did this level of obsession and devotion come from?

In this talk, VICE UK Editor-in-Chief Jamie Clifton will be looking into the brand's history, its cult following and the multinational juggernaut it's become.

Jamie Clifton is Editor-in-Chief at VICE UK. He used to have a full blown Supreme addiction, but is currently in recovery.

Tickets: £15.00


Hackney Valette St, E9 6NU