24/02/2022 - 29/08/2022

Early-Mid C20th - Mixed Medium

Surrealism Beyond Borders

Mon-Sun: 10-6pm

This landmark exhibition will rewrite the history of the revolutionary art movement

Surrealism is not a style – but a state of mind. It aims to subvert reality. To find the uncanny in the everyday. To tap into our unconscious desires and bring dreams to life. And for many artists around the world, it has been a way to challenge authority and imagine a new world.

Previous stories of surrealism have focused on Paris in the 1920s. Based on extensive research, this exhibition will reach across the world and over 50 years. It will show how artists around the world have been inspired and united by surrealism – from centres as diverse as Buenos Aires, Cairo, Lisbon, Mexico City, Prague, Seoul, and Tokyo.


Southbank Bankside, SE1 9TG