6 - 8pm, Thursday 24th Feb

Book Launch

Susannah Haslam - Infrastructuring: Four Conversations on Cultural Infrastructure

"When infrastructure’s functioning is broken, as users, protagonists, friends, interlocutors, we are required to find an alternative way to travel, to consume, to rest, to socialise, to acknowledge that, for many in urban contexts, this corruption marks a seam, or an edge, in an otherwise seamless, or edgeless, cultural life.

This publication by Susannah Haslam explores the relationship between cultural institutions and cultural infrastructures through four dialogues with cultural practitioners: eco-anxious artist, environmentalist and fermenter Sean Roy Parker; curator, educator, agitator and resource builder Cecilia Wee; curator and cultural programmer across design and architecture Meneesha Kellay; and co-directors of Theatrum Mundi – curator, producer and writer Marta Michalowska and cities researcher, organiser and musician John Bingham-Hall."

Tickets: £6.75


Clerkenwell 15a Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0AA