17/11/2022 - 16/12/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Sydney Albertini - Impressions

Tue-Sat: 11-6pm

Tristan Hoare is delighted to present Impressions, Sydney Albertini’s first solo exhibition in London, showcasing large scale oil paintings on Kraft and Fabriano paper from two of Albertini’s recent series — Movements and Botanicals.

Colourful and abstract, Albertini’s Movement paintings are full of energy and dynamism. The series was born out of a desire to bring to the foreground what was traditionally considered a background or accessory by artists — drapery.

The Botanicals series invite a more contemplative approach. Here Albertini presents fantastical landscapes inspired by her travels and the complete immersion in the natural surroundings she encounters.

Albertini’s large scale artworks are the result of her ceaseless drive and energy. Acting as a ‘diary,’ each work responds to Albertini’s energy and follows her body and movements; the large scale is a necessity, allowing her to follow the movement of her limbs and paint sweeping lines onto the canvas.


Fitzrovia 6 Fitzroy Sq, W1T 5HJ