27/08/2021 - 25/09/2021

New Work - Painting

Szabolcs Bozó - The Explorer

The exhibition is comprised of fourteen paintings and nine works on paper.

“In Hungarian-born, London-based artist Bozó’s fantastical world,
misshapen creatures with googly eyes run rampant, with arms and
legs akimbo, sometimes inexplicably wearing shoes or hats. To
create these charming works, the artist rolls his canvases out on the
floor, filling in the figures with loose strokes as if the surface were
a giant coloring book. Like the illustrations of Eric Carle, or a
mashup of prehistoric cave drawings and Roger Hargreaves, the
animals in this show are innocent and beguiling, without any sort
of darker pretense.” – Caroline Goldstein, Artnet, June 2020.

Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Home Again’ at
L21 Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2020); ‘Big Bang’ at Semiose Gallery,
Paris (2020); and a two-person show with Richard Woods at L21,
Palma de Mallorca, Spain (2019).


Mayfair 12a Savile Row, W1S 3PQ