17/01/2023 - 20/05/2023

Contemporary - Sculpture

Tanoa Sasraku

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

In February 2023, PEER presents the first major solo exhibition in a London institution by Hackney-based artist Tanoa Sasraku. Merging digital and handmade processes, Sasraku works with sculpture, tapestry, print and analogue film to explore place and memory in relation to British, Black, Ghanaian and queer cultural histories.

Influenced by affinities towards places that both capture and exclude human bodies, her exhibition at PEER builds on an ongoing series of works that comprise sculpture and print to examine latent memories, energies and mythologies embedded in rural landscapes.

In this series of work Sasraku quite literally grounds her process within a given place. Influenced by landscapes that are home to standing stones and pinnacles of rock, as well as textile traditions such as Scottish Tartan cloth and Ghanaian Fante Asafo flags, the starting point for her most recent works is foraging for earth pigment – a process that extracts colour pigment from clay, ground-soil, rocks and plants.

For her exhibition at PEER, Sasraku presents a series of large, freestanding sculptures titled Liths (2022). Each sculpture acts as a framing device for details taken from her Terratypes (2022) series, which comprise layers of newsprint stained with ink and earth pigment that has been foraged from Dartmoor, Devon and Ise of Skye, Scotland, before being submerged in sea, river or bog water.


Shoreditch 99 Hoxton St, N1 6QL