15/03/2023 - 19/03/2023

Late C20th - Ceramics & Textiles

Taste Contemporary present - The Fabulous Fem [5]: leading Norwegian ceramic and textile women artists

Wed-Sat: 10-6pm; Sun: 10-4pm

Focusing on a group of Norwegian women artists who emerged in the 1970’s – with the addition of one, younger artist – the exhibition aims to shine a light on this important group of artists whose contribution to ceramic and textile art is being increasingly recognised by international audiences.

In comparison to many other countries, Norway’s ceramics history is relatively short. Norwegians traditionally made domestic objects out of wood and iron with the first potteries established in the 16th century and porcelain factories emerging in the 19th century.

In relation to textile art, the Norwegian standard in the middle of the 20th century centred on the notion that weaving should be precise and ‘perfect’. In the 1960’s, exhibitions by artists such as Poland’s Magdalena Abakanowicz generated an increased interest in this art in the country. This resulted in a more expressive approach and the notion that the creation of a new visual language was equally as important as the craft.


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