10/06/2022 - 23/07/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Ten Artist Group Show curated by Nicolas Bourriaud - Cloud Point

"The term ‘cloud point’ belongs to the vocabulary of fossil fuel energies: a ‘cloud point extraction’ turns solids into liquids by temporarily modifying their temperature.

The artists presented in this exhibition belong to a generation for whom no material is natural anymore. Matter, in its totality, is both form and content, subject and object, nature and culture. In other words, there is no neutral background in today’s images, but streams and active forces.

Cloud Point gathers artists who don’t consider objects, products or masses in their work, but rather the atomic structure of our surroundings, and theirs. They are particularly interested in the in-betweens — processes of liquefaction, moments of coagulation, condensation points... The emergence of this molecular gaze in contemporary art also reflects in theory and politics."

Artists - Nicolas Aguirre, Marieke Bernard Berkel, Hicham Berrada, Alice Channer, Pakui Hardware, My-Lan Hoang-Thuy, Zarah Landes, Estrid Lutz, Tala Madani & Pamela Rosenkranz


Mayfair 2 Bourdon St, Mayfair, London, W1K 3PA