10/06/2023 - 08/07/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Ten Artist Group Show - De, desde, en, entre, hacia…

Fri-Sun: 1-6pm

“De, desde, en, entre, hacia…” is an exhibition that takes its name from the most common prepositions in the Spanish language, which are used as departure points to explore the ways in which a body can relate to the world. The exhibition brings together the work of 10 Latin American artists hailing from Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia, whose artistic practice revolves around identity construction processes at a transterritorial level. The exhibition will have an accompanying public programme that will seek to deepen the affective, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions of the migrant body, the non-hegemonic body, the other-body.

Curator: Sophia Sacal (MX)

Artists: Fernanda Barreto (BR), Bryan Giuseppi Rodríguez Cambana (PE), María Méndez (CO), José García Oliva (VE), Aileen Gavonel (PE), Antonio Tarsis (BR), Lucía R (MEX), Rebeca Romero (PE), Carolina Vélez Muñiz (MEX) & Paola Torres Núñez del Prado (PE)


Woolwich SET Woolwich, Riverside House, Beresford Street, SE18 6BU