11 - 8pm, Saturday 10th Oct

Publication Launch & Talk

Tenant of Culture - Monographs

Soft Opening is pleased to announce the launch of Tenant of
Culture ’s first monographic publication, published by the gallery in
collaboration with Charles Asprey.

The book catalogues the artist’s development via a conclusive overview of both early and more recent work, accompanied by an essay from curator Jeppe Ugelvig titled “Tenant of Culture, Ragpicker of Fashion History” and an interview with Tenant of Culture’s ongoing collaborator 650mAh.

The publication will launch accompanied by a presentation of new work from Tenant of Culture in the gallery on the occasion of the Frieze Online Viewing Room.

From 6–8 pm drinks will be served alongside a short conversation between the artist and Jeppe Ugelvig expanding on their ongoing conversation and topics explored in Ugelvig’s contribution to the publication.

Cambridge Heath 6 Minerva St, E2 9EH