12/10/2021 - 06/11/2021

New Work - Painting

Terrell James - Second Sight

Cadogan Contemporary are delighted to announce a new solo exhibition of works by Houston based artist Terrell James. ‘Second Sight’ is an exploration of memory and place, drawing inspiration from the natural world and evoking the artist’s experiences of sacred sites in the Western United States.

Alongside an exhibition of her paintings in Cadogan Contemporary London, a new work ‘Terrain’ will be shown in Cadogan Contemporary’s exhibition space in Hampshire. Unfurled on a scroll that will span 100 ft across the length of the exhibition space, this drawing embodies the principles of Terrell James’ works and her virtuosity on both a miniature and monumental scale, reflecting and complimenting the artworks that will be shown in the gallery.

“Imagery is abstracted from particular places, or objects I have seen. I am trying to paint, draw and sculpt the essence of my experience, to share it in paint through light and color"
- Terrell James


South Kensington 87 Old Brompton Rd, SW7 3LD