4 - 6pm, Saturday 19th Oct


The Debrief

Join Hot Desque as they provide The Debrief with a team of art workers to give and gain invaluable feedback. This event will bring together the Human Resources of sharing information, personal reflection and experience analysis. Hot Desque Anonymous endeavours to expose work/art/life realities and to demystify the image of the of the ‘artist’ today. Practitioners Naomi Fitzsimmons, Jon Kipps and Saudamini Kalra will discuss their labour-related practices and the impact of the many job roles they take on.

The team will address the following:

The competitive nature of the art world, with its links to the capital value of artworks and the individual ‘artist-as-genius’
How we can establish more transparent and supportive networks and the importance of peer support and artist-run projects
How artists support themselves and their practices financially and the pros and cons of freelance/flexible employment
The language we use around ‘art’ as work or hobby and the impact of the labels we assign ourselves
How educational institutions could better prepare artists for professional realities
What to expect:

Screenings and analysis of the artists recent work-related work with Jon Kipps and Naomi Fitzsimmons
Live-stream performance with theatre artist Saudamini Kalra
You may give or take from opt-in discussions
Tips and experiences in collaboration
Drinks & Snacks!
Taking place in an immersive board room, Hot Desque Anonymous prides itself on breaking the usual office formalities by offering you a Brew By Numbers drink whilst they debrief.


Woolwich Harrington Way, SE18 5NR