18/11/2021 - 18/12/2021

New Work - Video

The Decorators - Portal Tables

This Stanley Picker Fellowship exhibition reflects on the paradoxical way in which the pandemic has both vilified microbes and prompted a renewed interest in homemade practices of nurturing microbial life.

Taking the idea of commensality – eating together – and extending it beyond the human, Portal Tables considers how microbial bodies participate in such encounters. Humorous and affective, Portal Tables is a furniture series, a film and an exhibition that explore domestic interspecies intimacy in food-making.

The project comments on the contemporary obsession with microbial life, probiotics and wellbeing, and speculates on the possible relations and social encounters (political, tender, economic, friendly) across bodies and species.


Kingston Kingston School of Art, Grange Rd, KT1 2QJ