1 - 2:30pm, Sunday 13th Mar


The Presence of Women in Museum Collections NG Part 1:1300s-1500s

In-person tour on how women are represented in selected artworks of the National Gallery's collection (part 1: up to 1500's).

"The art world is (re)discovering women, their presence and contribution to art history. Museums are reassessing their collections to give justice to overlooked stories of women and there is so much to see at the the National Gallery! This tour Part 1 covers selected artworks of the Middle Ages (1300's),1400's and 1500's (Renaissance)."

The tour will focus on:
- Women represented in paintings
- Women artists
- Women art patrons and collectors

Tickets: £10.00


Trafalgar Square The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DN