05/01/2023 - 26/01/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

The Takeover

Thu-Fri: 12-6pm

Sade English, both founding director and curator at Anticlone Gallery presents ‘The Takeover’. In association with Newington Green Meeting House and the National Lottery heritage fund. ‘The Takeover’ compiles a varied immersive, interactive and multidisciplinary public programme; Centering a month-long exhibit curated by Sade English , titled ‘Identity, explorative of the self’.

Focusing on the growing collection of transformative multidisciplinary artists; the takeover gives an insight to Anticlone, an independent and self funded platform founded by Sade English, in November 2020. Taking over, quite literally all three floors of the 17th century listed nonconformist buildings previously known for being a hub for political radicalism for over 300 years. This will be the second takeover, since its successful launch at Soho House, White city, London in May 2022.


Newington Green Newington Green Meeting House, 39A Newington Green, London N16 9PR