10/11/2022 - 13/02/2023

Archive Exhibition

The Vienna Model of Radicalisation. Austria and the Shoah

This new exhibition, on show for the first time in Britain, explores the significance of the Holocaust in Austria.

Based on recent research, The Vienna Model of Radicalisation: Austria and the Shoah highlights the role of Vienna as gateway for the radicalisation of antisemitic policy in the Nazi State. The “Vienna Model” – a term coined by historian Hans Safrian – entailed the accelerated expropriation and expulsion policy in Austria. In 1941, the Central Office for Jewish Emigration, which had been set up by Adolf Eichmann in 1938, developed an organisational model for deporting the Jewish population to ghettos, extermination camps and killing sites.

The exhibition reveals Jewish self-help and acts of resistance by courageous individuals. It pays tribute to the UK, the US and other countries, in providing refuge to Jewish refugees. It illuminates the silence around the Holocaust in postwar Austria, a silence the perpetrators benefitted from.


Bloomsbury The Wiener Holocaust Library, 29 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DP