13/09/2023 - 15/12/2023

Early-Late C20th - Painting & Sculpture

The Women’s International Art Club (WIAC) - Sheer Verve

Wed-Fri: 10-5:30pm

The Women’s International Art Club (WIAC) was founded in Paris in 1898 as an exhibition platform and networking forum for women artists at a time of restricted opportunities amidst a male-dominated art establishment. The inaugural exhibition at London’s Grafton Gallery in 1900 went on to become a feted annual event until the club was dissolved in 1978.

Encompassing paintings, drawings, sculpture and lithographs depicting portraiture, self-portraiture, the nude, landscapes, interiors, still life, and abstracts reflecting this wider history, the exhibition presents an exhilarating snapshot of the club’s correspondingly radical artistic output over seven decades.

Artists: Agar, Barns-Graham, Bell, Clough, Colquhoun, Frankenthaler, Frink, Garwood, Hepworth, John, Knight, Laurencin, Moss, Nicholson, Orovida, Rego, Steyn as well as Baranowska, Blow, Collet, Delaunay, Drucker, Flax, Delissa Joseph, Fraenkel, Gordine, Klinghoffer, Korn, Marks, Mayerson, Meidner, Nonnenmacher, Pillico, Reifenberg, Reizenstein, Tolansky and Wilczynski.


St John's Wood 108A Boundary Rd, NW8 0RH