21/04/2023 - 17/09/2023

Archive Exhibition

The World of Gazza!!

Mon: 10-5pm, Thu-Sat: 10-5pm Sun 11-4pm

The World of Gazza!! is an attempt to treat Paul Gascoigne not just as a footballer but as a serious cultural figure; one whose story has affected millions and filled more column inches than pretty much any other English sports star.

Gazza's tale is one of glory, pain, sadness and terrible decisions. This exhibition explores his past triumphs and his repeated falls from grace, without shying away from the darker sides of his character.

It's all inspired by Jeremy Deller's 1995 'The World of Gazza!!' poster, which is included in the show alongside new commissions, existing work and personal artefacts by artists and designers including Douglas Gordon, Lydia Blakeley, Glen Pudvine, Beatrice Lettice Boyle, Rosie McGinn, Corbin Shaw, Trackie McLeod, A Store Like 94, Robert McNally, Winnie Hall, Robin Broadley, Emmely Elgersma, Andrew Pierre Hart and Marcus Wood.


Tottenham Warmington House, 744 High Road, N17