08/09/2023 - 04/11/2023

Contemporary - Multidisciplinary

Titaness - Love is a state of mind

Wed-Sat: 11-6pm

San Mei Gallery is pleased to present the inaugural exhibition by London-based artist duo Titaness, including a new installation featuring sculpture, sound and performance.

Titaness is an artist duo comprised of Maria Joranko and Tiffany Wellington. Their collective interdisciplinary practice is shaped by their dual interests in memory, opacity, and love, explored through storytelling, sculpture, sound, and performance. Infusing their personal experiences and lineages with localised and diasporic viewpoints, they explore the potentialities of storytelling to weave alternate worlds.

At San Mei Gallery, Titaness presents a new sound and sculptural installation based on the legendary ballad of Tam Lin from the Scottish Borders, where the character of Tam Lin is rescued by their true love from the Queen of the Faeries. Titaness queers this traditional tale, drawing on folklore, oral histories and nightclub performance, to offer a mythic reimagining of the story of Tam Lin through a diasporic lens.


Brixton 39a Loughborugh Rd, SW9 7TB