12 - 5pm, Saturday 12th Feb

Meet the Curator

Toby Mott [Cultural Traffic] & William Ling [Curator] - Grey Organisation: Cork Street Attack

The Grey Organisation’s Cork Street Attack is the subject of an exhibition at The Mayor Gallery.

The windows of The Mayor Gallery, and those of the other art dealers on Cork Street, were covered with buckets of grey paint during a night-time act of artistic anti-establishment protest on 21st May 1985.

Curated by William Ling, Cork Street Attack will showcase new prints created from photographic evidence that recorded the immediate aftermath of the event. These will be shown alongside related artwork, ephemera, and documents taken from The Grey Organisation archive kept by artist Toby Mott, the group’s spokesperson and central protagonist.

The Grey Organisation was a post-punk art collective that emerged from East London and Soho in the early 1980s, folding in 1991.


Mayfair 21 Cork St, W1S 3LZ