7 - 8pm, Friday 5th May


Tommy Langdale - NOBODIES BEAR

Nobodies Bear is a personal performance piece set against a backdrop of interlinked installations at Pi Artworks London. A collection of stories, drawn together in several dance and theatre performances by Tommy Langdale, which highlight the creative expanse of the ADHD mind, and channel the experiences of neuro diverse people through his own journey.

Nobodies Bear, Whoshe Ragdoll and Tommy’s Mind, though intimate, ask universal questions: Are my perceptions of the world all mine? Or do they belong to nobody? Are they instead part of something much larger, perhaps even a connection that spans the entirety of human history? Suitable for all ages, this show is both hilarious and heartwarming, reflective and joyous, personal and yet fiercely relatable.

Tickets: £10.00


Fitzrovia 55 Eastcastle St, W1W 8EG