4 - 8pm, Saturday 23rd Oct


Tony Fretton - Everything: Photographs

Betts Project is delighted to present the second solo exhibition of works by British architect Tony Fretton at the gallery. Everything: Photographs by @t_fretton is part of Tony Fretton's ongoing series of photographs taken on his daily trajectories. Fretton uses photography to register chance encounters of oddities and discrepancies in the everyday, with an imperfect and witty lens.

'These are not the photographs of a photographer but of an architect, and perhaps an architect not using his architectural mind and being affected by the sight and experience of physical things. Everthing has something to say. The photographs show what they said to me and now perhaps they will mean something to you through the essential ambiguity of physical things and of the creative process of making images.'
-Tony Fretton


Old Street 100 Central St, EC1V 8AJ