26/05/2023 - 27/05/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Toxic Arts Six Artist Group Show - Vandal

Daily: 12-6pm

Artists: Liam Fallon, Peter Fried, Fipsi Seilern, Chris Cawkwell, Blok
& Arlo Sinclair

Toxic Arts is thrilled to present our inaugural pop up exhibition ‘Vandal’, which delves into the significance we assign to painting and sculpture, while disregarding the value of vandalism and graffiti.

Who is an artist? Some people scribble on bathroom walls in biro while they’re taking a shit (and are dubbed vandals) while other people are invited to paint for an exhibition. Graffiti can have a million viewers over the years, whereas the art is only accessible for a finite period of time and for a certain price. Despite graffiti’s ancient roots, why does painting hold a superior position in the art world hierarchy? – Statement by Pang


Fitzrovia 139 Whitfield St, W1T 5EN