13/08/2022 - 16/10/2022

Late C20th-Recent Work - Collage, Drawing & Installation

Trevor Mathison - From Signal to Decay: Volume 1

Wed-Sun: 12-6pm

Goldsmiths CCA presents a solo exhibition of work by composer, artist and sound designer Trevor Mathison. From Signal to Decay: Volume 1 is his first solo exhibition in a UK institution and comprises an ambitious sound installation, a presentation of drawings, video, and live performance.

The graphic and collage-based work featured in this exhibition extends across 40 years, from the early 1980s to 2022. As Christoph Cox has noted, ‘The emergence of electronic and tape music in the 1950s called for new notational techniques. How to score factory noises, or the sweeps and squiggle of sine tones?’

Mathison has commented on the relationship between his work with sound and his recent work in drawing: “I approach drawing in the same way I approach sound. In music, I have been working with granular synths. They allow me to take one small element of sound and by breaking it down, find numerous textures within it. Similarly, [these drawings] involved taking a cube of graphite, scraping, then spreading its particles across the paper to pick up the shifting variations within the grain of the paper. It is equivalent to a single tone, shimmering like a visual wall of sound. A still, frozen note held in suspension.”


New Cross St James’, New Cross, London, SE14 6AD