04/06/2021 - 24/07/2021

Contemporary - Painting

Tue Greenfort - Pulling Weeds

At the centre of Tue Greenfort’s practice lies the relationship between humans and their environment and the hierarchical systems to which they subject nature.

In his sixth solo exhibition at KÖNIG GALERIE, Greenfort continues his exploration of a topic that exemplifies many of the topics he explores: that of what we disparagingly call “weeds” and amongst them in particular invasive species - plants that are considered a nuisance or even harmful. Often, every effort is made to eradicate them before they overgrow the landscape.

Greenfort searched for invasive species native to the site and created the reliefs at the local ceramics workshop. He only used plants that are not endemic to the UK, such as the Butterfly Bush, Cherry Laurel, and Himalayan Blackberry. Stylistically, the works are grounded in the British tradition of floral ornamentation, which found its apogee in the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 19th century.


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