13/01/2022 - 19/02/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Twenty Artist Group Show - Tell us a story

'Tell us a story...' is an exhibition celebrating storytelling through visual means, featuring works from emerging and contemporary illustrators and animators.

This is the first exhibition focused on illustration and animation that the Gerald Moore Gallery has curated, and each work has been selected by students aged 11-16 from Eltham College, for their ability to spark imagination and delve into other worlds.

A selection of artists were researched by Curator Ruth Borthwick, to be shortlisted by students at Eltham College, each sent in images and film that responded to the title, ‘Tell us a story...’ with 20 invited to exhibit from this selection process.

Artists - Jason Chuyung, Francesca Coen, Georgia Cowley, Elinor Duffy, Yaoyu Han, Ziyoo Hwang, Joseph O’Donnell, Marina Pacios Ortolá, Dide Tengiz, Chenyue Yuan and more.


Mottingham Mottingham Lane, SE9 4RW