10 - 6pm, Thursday 12th Sep


UCL & Arts Council England: Art (I)Relevance: AI and Art Futures - Symposium exploring the interplay of art market futures, art and data, and the role of the tangible and intangible artefact

Billed as an invitation only event - can request an invite through emailing Robert Cadenhead at [email protected]

Event will explore:
- How the democratisation of art is shaping art markets: What are the current themes emerging from the art markets and how is digitalisation shaping future interactions?
- Technological advances and the experience of art: Data driven opportunities and considerations for the collector.
- Will blockchain save art? Next phase perspectives on blockchain for artists and markets.
- Digital futures, materiality and added value: When data is a medium for artistic expression, is there a future for the material artefact?

See more info for list of speakers.

Barbican Silk St, EC2Y 8DS

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