08/06/2023 - 30/06/2023

Contemporary - Installation

Urte Janus curated by Olivia Grace Middelboe - 55 MA

Daily: 8:30-7:30pm

Urte Janus is an artist from Lithuania currently living in London, where she is doing a studio residency at Sarabande Foundation. After initially gaining a degree in photography, she taught herself sculpture and video making. Material exploration plays a vital role in Janus’ practice. She uses chemistry to develop her pieces and likes to initiate slow reactions, especially with acid. Janus blends raw elements such as gelatine, charcoal, ash, limestone, salvaged metals and natural binders to build pieces that can later disintegrate back into their surroundings. Her sculptures usually live lives of their own - they change and develop over time.

In her installations, forms of ancient extinct animals and plants, human structures, minerals, man-made chemicals and organic substances collapse into one. Rather than thinking of storylines, Janus thinks of timelines, measuring time by how slow or fast the elements of her pieces grow, change, vanish or extend into the future. Spanning from the deep past to the far future, she explores the entangled lives and possibilities of organic and non-organic ever-changing matter.


Nunhead Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, London SE15 3LP