1 - 2pm, Friday 15th Oct


Victorian Exodus: Visualising the Old Testament in the Dalziels' Bible Gallery

Research Lunch – Maddie Boden

Although incomplete, twenty years overdue and a commercial flop, the Dalziels’ Bible Gallery (1881) remains one of the most significant compendiums of Victorian art made by a cross-section of the period’s important artists.

During its conception in the 1860s, engraver-brothers Thomas and George Dalziel envisioned a publication so visually striking it would be an evangelising tool, as William Holman Hunt’s Light of the World (1851-3) had proved to be in the previous decade. However, rather than the story of Christ, which had come to dominate religious painting in Britain and mass produced illustrated Bibles, the Dalziels commissioned illustrations drawn exclusively from the Old Testament. Therefore, this collection warrants consideration not only for its impressive contributors but also its ambitious attempt to stimulate religious art in a new direction.


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