11/01/2023 - 19/03/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Vigo Gallery present Erin Lawlor - Invincible Summer

Wed-Sun: 10-4pm

Vigo gallery presents an exhibition of new paintings by Erin Lawlor (b. 1969) at the Wellington Arch Museum. Lawlor will be the first woman to exhibit at this historic location steeped in male-dominated, wartime legacy.

"There is something very fitting to me in the very idea, at this point in time, of creating an exhibition within the spaces Wellington Arch – a building that has for many years now been a victory arch – a peculiar form of architecture embodying that inherent tension between commemoration (or even glorification?) of war and therefore death, and the celebration of victory and the life beyond.

Many of the works in the exhibition were painted during the the last two years in the interludes between lockdowns and forced halts as a result of personal health issues. They are in effect snapshots of these windows of time in the studio and come to encapsulate that peculiar life-drive that goes hand in hand with the hardest of times.


Hyde Park Corner Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner, W1J 7JZ