10 - 3pm, Tuesday 5th Apr

Day Opening

Vigo Galley present Jordy Kerwick - Vertical Planes

The exhibition comprises of a new group of Kerwick’s distinctly bold, graphic and colourful paintings. Executed in oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, the works are playful in style, redolent of the exuberance and carefree qualities of childlike creativity and mark-making, and quasi-mythic in content, depicting dramatic scenes populated by strange, fictive, creatures. Wolves, cobras, bears, horses, skeletons, and humans are scrambled into the hybrid beasts that roam the canvases. They are often depicted double-headed, a loving nod to Kerwick's two young sons Sonny and Milo.

Hyde Park Apsley Way, Hyde Park Corner, W1J 7JZ