6 - 8pm, Wednesday 5th Oct


Vincent Devine - Ellipsis

Reem Gallery are thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition by esteemed Irish artist Vincent Devine. Having made waves with his distinctive Neo-Dimensionism style and politically and socially relevant pieces, he is bringing a new collection to Soho in October, featuring a profound portrait of Winston Churchill.

Devine’s latest collection, debuting at Reem Gallery, will feature two portraits in his Neo- Dimensionalist style of Sir Winston Churchill and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Devine will be the first to remark that this is perhaps an odd choice for an Irishman, but in creating these works he studied the character and life of these two leaders in such microscopic detail that he found a deep empathy, with their loves and losses, and he felt as though he was sitting down for a chat with them each time he came to the canvas. d


Soho 4 Ham Yard, London, W1D 7LT