11/11/2022 - 18/12/2022

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Visions Programme 2 led by Webb-Ellis

Daily: 10-4pm

This place is a message will show on the Nunnery’s immersive cinema screen set-up, flanked by banners made by the young people in the film. Breathing a wave of optimistic youth, mystical memory, imagined worlds and elemental power across the gallery, 22 other works invite you into their equally mesmerising alternative realities.

We unearth generational traumas, passed on superstitions, ritualistic practices and the idea of womanhood in Tamil communities (Amrita Chandradas, Singapore), reimagine a Soviet-era diving board as an antenna to signal other life forms (Andrew Demirjian, UK) and manifest a long-held childhood fantasy by putting ourselves in Baby’s shoes in Dirty Dancing (Sarah Lasley, USA), to name a few from the 22 works hailing from 10 different countries. Selected from an international open call, Visions brings together artworks from across the globe, giving you a unique chance to discover different voices, ideas and perspectives through film.

Programme 2 Exhibiting Artists: Amrita Chandradas; Andrew Demirjian; Tessa Garland; Michael Gurhy; Dan Guthrie; Sarah Lasley; Robin Leverton; Olana Light; Stuart Moore & Kayla Parker; Yannick Mosimann; Simon Olmetti; Bella Riza; Niyaz Saghari; Zara Sands; collectif_fact, Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet; Maxima Smith; Vilma Tihilä; Enni-Kukka Tuomala; Janelle VanderKelen; Sam Williams; Yuetong Yang; Madalina Zaharia.


Bow 183 Bow Rd, E3 2SJ