11 - 12pm, Saturday 14th Sep


Wallace Chan [Exhibiting Artist] & Trino Verkade [Founding Trustee, Sarabande Foundation] - In conversation discussing on the importance of education and the passing of skills from one creative to another as well as Chan's practce

The talk will respond to Chan's current exhibition at Asia House, 'Shapeshifter: The Multiverse of Wallace Chan'. This is the first exhibition of the renowned high jewelry artist in the U.K.

The show is made up of 20 jewelry pieces using unbreakable porcelain, 'which Chan says is five times harder than steel', as well as 10 large titanium sculptures.

Wallace Chan - Chan is a long term collaborator with the Sarabande Foundation

Trino Verkade - Was the first employee hired by Alexander McQueen and worked with the designer for over 18 years. She helped to establish and now runs the Sarabande Foundation

Marylebone 63 New Cavendish St, W1G 7LP

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