24/11/2022 - 30/11/2022

Contemporary - Drawing

Warmbath. Art present Liam Walker - A Pocketful of Bitter

Daily: 10-6pm

The word 'Bitter' has many meanings in Britain. The Beer (which is Liam’s personal beer of choice and very popular in Northern England). It’s feeling very cold indeed, and also feeling anger, hurt or resentment because of a bad experience or a sense of unjust treatment.

​A pocket is not large, and you can't keep a lot in it, but its always very close to you (because you're literally wearing it and carrying it around on your body). You put your most precious and mundane things in it- your hands, your wallet, a train ticket a cigarette lighter.


Piccadilly 48 Piccadilly Circus, Regent St, W1B 5RA