08/06/2022 - 24/06/2022

New Work - Painting

Warwick Fuller - Fuller's Earth

"All around us there is upheaval and insecurity, confusion and anger. But mostly there is fear.

Amid all this turbulence, I feel aloof and separate from it, so far. The refuge of painting is a large part of that detachment. The constraints of lock downs, shortages and restrictions have affected where I travel to paint, but they haven’t stopped me. (And now the drums are beating!) So, if there were any impediment to my painting it would surely be psychological or emotional, but mostly because of my determination and unwillingness to be afraid, that so far hasn’t been the case.

The stillness, the calm, the serenity when I paint, even whilst working vigorously, seem to be a mental if not physical antidote to the one trick pony of the 7 o’clock news. I maintain my selfish indifference to the popular topic.

From my veranda at Fullers Earth, I painted furiously to catch A Murder of Silhouette Crows–a line out of Alice by Tom Waits. My interpretation of the drama and power of that storm was a result of balancing a calmness of thought with the urgency to capture such a dynamic event.

Creeping Sunset Shadow was a different but energetic chase. I couldn’t start until the magic golden light of that last mystical hour had begun, even knowing it would burn to ashes too soon. While juggling what I’m trying to express on an emotional level with the technical trilogy of colour, composition, and tone, I’m being whipped along by the inexorable setting sun. I can’t let any under lying, outside fears or anxieties compromise my demanding and joyful pursuit.

Finding perspective in my life is easier out in the landscape. I find sustenance for my soul when I’m surrounded by countless incidental sensory delights.

My muse the light is the heart of my work but I do hope the paintings in this collect ion also show my praise of the incidental in the landscape."


St James's 2 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5LU