6 - 8:30pm, Friday 22nd Nov


Wayne Binite - Ice Floor [An exploration of the changes taking place in the polar region]

Arup presents Ice Floor, a new Phase 2 commission about climate change that has been developed by UK born artist Wayne Binitie in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey, a world leading centre for polar science. Since 1979 summer sea-ice extent in the Arctic has reduced at 10% per decade. Some major glaciers that drain the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets have accelerated by as much as 50%, adding to sea level rise.

The installation explores the vulnerability of these regions to global warming and how they are subject to conditions like ‘calving’ (large chunks of ice breaking away at random moments).

The exhibition has been made possible through collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey and the kind support of ISOVER.


Fitzrovia 8 Fitzroy St, W1T 4BJ